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IronTree Hosting – Free 30 Days

All of us at Trailblazer Systems are saddened and appalled at the wave of civil unrest across the country and the consequent huge human and business cost.
We understand the devastating effect that this has had on many business' and that some have had to close down temporarily. Business critical applications such as ERP and accounting applications are not accessible or in the worst case, offices have been looted and destroyed.
We, together with IronTree would like to offer you and your clients a free, 30-day hosted virtual private server platform to ensure that business applications are safely housed and can be accessed remotely.

This means you will be able to access your business critical applications though your dedicated virtual private server, setup and migrated by IronTree.

Included in the offer is:
  • 30 days free server hosting
  • Unlimited remote desktop users
  • Unlimited remote printing users
  • Server resources in-line with your workload
  • Data migration from your backup account
  • Server and networking setup
  • Windows user accounts with a dedicated VPN
  • Full range of protection services including full server backups and anti-virus and anti-ransomware protection.
At the end of the 30 day period, you and relevant clients can decide whether you would like to remain in IronTree's secure hosting environment, or alternatively, move back to an onsite environment. No strings attached!

IronTree’s Virtual Private server environment is trusted by 1000’s of companies across South Africa. Their platform ensures that business critical applications are hosted in a secure, offsite environment, only accessible to authorised users.

If you are interested in making use of this offer, please get a hold of us.  
Kind Regards

Travis Sinclair
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Trailblazer Systems (Pty) Ltd

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