2020 Price Increase


Our prices will be increasing from 1 February 2020. Our new prices are below.


Consulting and Customised Training

Consulting - R780 per hour (up from R740) - billed to the nearest 15 minutes for remote support and billed to the nearest half hour for on site support. 15 minutes will be R195 (up from R185) and half a hour is R390 (up from R370).

Half day rate - R1,999 (up from R1,799)

Full day rate - R3,999 (up from R3,499)

Travel charge - R3.90 per km (down from R4.50 per km)


Retainer Clients

3 hours - R1,999 (up from R1,799)

Please contact us for a quote if you require more than 3 retainer hours per month.


Prepaid Hours

5 hours - R3,510 (down from R3,515) - 10% discount

10 hours - R6,240 (down from R6,660) - 20% discount


Outsourced Payroll

Per payslip: R48 - R78 per payslip (up from R44 - R74)

Company setup: R48 - R78 per employee (up from R44 - R74) with a minimum charge of R195 (up from R185)

Payslip printing: R3.90- per payslip (up from R3.70)

Payslip courier charge: R195 per delivery (up from R185)


Tax Returns

Monthly VAT201 submission: R390 per company (up from R370)

Monthly EMP201 submission: R390 per company (up from R370)

EMP501 mid-year submission: R780 per company (up from R740)


Website Design

Package 1 - up to 8 pages: R1,999 (up from R1,083.75)

Package 2 - up to 10 pages: R3,999 (up from R3,515.00)

Package 3 - up to 15 pages: R5,999 (up from R5,283.60)

Package 4 - up to 20 pages: R7,999 (up from R6,660.00)

Monthly Fee: R195 (up from R185)


If you have any questions or concerns regarding our new pricing, please email travis@cj-k.co.za or phone 087 094 0167 / 072 612 9155.